HRSA 35th Anniversary Radio Exhibition

Member's Newsletter 3


President's message

The event is progressing well, and we are in the wonderful position of Sellers, Display and Dinner tables at capacity.

If you have a late booking, you can join a waiting list.

Please take a look at this Newsletter, as some items that appear to be similar to already published, have been updated.

I cordially invite you to have a great time!

Kevin Poulter

Phone 0435 378 678

E-mail enquiries:

Class Auction

• When you receive your lot number, you can send photos to Ron Soutter for upload to the Auction list.

Please crop and down-size to 800 x 600 pixels if possible.

The image must be named after the lot number, for example: lot_no_45.jpg

There is a 4 photo limit on each lot.

Contact Ron by clicking on the email button

The Class Auction list and photographs will be at

Here is a preview of a splendid rare radio...

An extremely rare opportunity has presented itself to own this absolutely stunning and alluring soft pink coloured AWA Radiolette radio.

The condition can only be described as excellent to near mint condition.

This is the same pink radio that was photographed for and appears in Peter Sheridan and Ritchie Singer's excellent book on Australian Bakelite Radios. See page 97.

For the serious collector or for those who have the pure passion this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Examination suggests there are no cracks, despite the unusual reflection in the side-view photograph, however please inspect to your satisfaction.

Radios won at Auction can be taken with you after payment at the end of the Auction and then going through check-out.

However if you buy a radio in the main Hall on Saturday, please leave it on display on the Sunday, to keep a good display for the public.

3 Course Dinner Menu

• Soup
Country Vegetable or
Lamb Shank and Veg

• Dinner roll

• Mains
Roast Lamb or
Roast Turkey breast with
4 Vegetables: Roast Potato, Baked Pumpkin,
Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce and Mint
peas, gravy and condiments

• Dessert
Pavlova or Hot Apple Pie with Cream

• Tea, coffee, mints.

Each menu item served alternate.*
(*every other, every second.)

Served by table staff, not Bain Marie.
One Red and one White wine bottle per table included

Bar service also available at your cost

Optional Ladies Dinner table.

Like at Canberra, there will be at least one ladies dinner table if they would like to chat together.
Or ladies can sit on one side of the table where their husband/partner is.

Conditions of entry to the event in the Kingston City Hall, April 7-9, 2017

So we can all enjoy a great event, committee has some rules. They include ...

• Please bring your membership badges and members will be checked to see they are current, to gain access to the members only days, Friday and Sat.

• The viewing time for the class Auction is 9am to 10am on Sat. There is no viewing during the auction

• Please inspect items carefully and don't lift bakelite radios by the top.

• No inspection of sold items at the finish of the Auction, unless you were the successful bidder

• Ask a seller or display person before examining any item. We will have "admire but don't touch" labels for members to use.

• The HRSA reserves the right to refuse entry

• The HRSA reserves the right to ask a person to leave.

• No trading in the Hall and environs, unless you are a member with a table registered and paid for with the HRSA.

• Deliveries of any nature by a non-member must be approved by the HRSA President

• All items for trading to be in the hall by 9am Sat. and by 10am Sunday.

• Mobile phones off during the Auction, unless you are bidding on behalf of someone on the phone, or need to keep connected in case of a call from family. For example if they have a health problem. Silent mode is advised.

Looking for a place to stay?

Call or email the Quest Cheltenham Serviced Apartments and ask for the HRSA rates.

Sara Wilson
Front Office Reception
Quest Cheltenham
37-39 Station Road,
Cheltenham, VIC, 3192
Tel: 03 8523 5800

When booking ask for an underground car park, as the street parking is like in any suburb, less secure. If a car park is available, its at no extra charge.

The Quest Cheltenham is about 15 minutes from the Kingston Town Hall (see red arrow) and about 5 minutes from one of the largest Shopping Centres in Melbourne - Southland.


Website: Click HERE for the Quest

• Prizes

FM/DAB/internet radios ...

Every person entering the hall will receive a raffle ticket at no charge for the draws


Team leaders will be in orange fluro vests,

Security will be in yellow fluro vests.

• Kevin Poulter - Organiser, Photographer, Public Relations and Display tables.

• Stan Snyders - Security and HRSA Valve Bank sales

• Ron Soutter - Membership Secretary, Webmaster and Computer Systems

• John Mackintosh - Awards Manager

• Alby Thomas - Tag and Test

• Rob Coleman - Electrical supply, including power leads and power boards (supplied by Hall)

• Mike Osborne - Class Auction, leading the Judging team, and organiser

• Art Courtney - Auctioneer

• Graham Parslow - Workshops and VIPs, Mate transmitter

• Jim Easson - Treasurer, Auction financials and Dinner Bookings, plus transport of HRSA items to the hall.

• Jackie Poulter - Auction accounts with Jim and front door check-in. Nibbles and supplies for Sat, Raffle tickets for free competition.

• Michael Justin - Auction and Seller's tables

• Laurie Harris - Managing the tables with Michael Justin.

• Andre Switzer - filming the speakers at the dinner

• Rod Humphris is the Programme Manager.
Rod will keep us on track and is able to
answer your questions about whatʼs next on
the day and where the workshops are etc.


Unrestricted Parking is available in most residential streets around the venue and short-term very close by.

Please read the signs. Next to the hall most parking is unrestricted on the Saturday afternoon, through Sunday.

However across the road from the hall there is a different council and outside the shops the limits apply on a weekend too.

There is some parking at the rear of the shops.

Also some parking under the hall. Most are posted as "Permit only" but that will be waived for our event.

"Residents only" signs do need to be observed.

A map of parking areas will be posted here soon.

Outside the hall Parking is unrestricted after noon Saturday.

Behind the shops in residential areas its mostly unrestricted parking.

Under the building the above sign does not apply for the 35th event only.

The above resident's sign must be obeyed. No exemption for the weekend.

The carpark shown below is in Redholme street, two streets south of the Hall, just before the Police Station.
BUT take care, their methods are suspect, so please read the signs below


Delivering your radios

• Radios can be delivered on

Friday 7th between 12 noon to 5.30 and

briefly on Sat. 8th, between 8am and 9am.

Access is available from 3 points. For smaller items, the front door or the entry under the building. There are internal lifts and a ramp for disabled access. Most radios will be best taken up via the goods lift, due to size or quantity. As you exit the goods lift there is a FREE Tag & Test station, during the above times.

If the goods lift is locked, please enter the building and ask Security (in yellow jackets) for access.

More on T&T below

The goods lift is "stand alone", not against a wall, in the middle of the under building area.

If your vehicle is higher than 2.2 metres, the second entry off South road (closer to Nepean highway) has much higher clearance to the goods lift.

The best way to the goods lift is from South Road. There are two entry points (1) and (2) on the above map. (2) is best for taller vehicles like trucks.

The goods lift is "stand alone", not against a wall, in the middle of the under building area. Drop-off Parking is strictly limited to 5 minutes, as others need access as well.

For dropping off passengers or items you can manage in one go, the front entry (3) on Nepean highway is good. (Enter the service road just after the main Traffic lights). It's unlikely you can park there, as the spots are taken quickly. After 12 noon on Sat. parking is not limited (will check) but parking across the road remains on a time limit as its a different council.

• Tag and Test free to members
The Hall requires all mains operated items are tag and tested, however we are negotiating a plan to have only radios that will be plugged in required to have T&T.

Our announcement that radios must be tested at the site by us (as requested by the hall) is clearly too much to be done at the event.

So we asked the bureaucracy at the hall to accept Tag and Test done by you. This ensures you can enter and display in minutes, not up to an hour. They will have a member of their staff there to check, so ensure your T&T is clearly legitimate and current.

Next we will negotiate for all radios that are untested/faulty to be accepted with a "Do not connect to hall power" sticker that we will supply.
To meet hall requirements, ALL electrical items not Tag and Tested will need our special Electrical Safety label, which we will supply. This differs from the label previously published.

An update on T&T follows after we negotiate.

• Please bring a console or radiogram if you can
so visitors can see these important examples of powerful radios.

Please have small cards with each radio make, year and model number if possible.

The HRSA Radio Station
• A transmitter mate will be running on the days, enabling all radios to be in unison, with no reception problems.

Competitions and Awards

Any Radio you have in your collection is eligible. Unless you have one of the very few that won the Ray Kelly Award.

Even radios that were entered in the recent construction competition are eligible.

If you are in the competitions, you could win!

You can enter a radio in more than one section, if it fits the categories.

Trophies are prestigious and worth up to $125.


• Ray Kelly Award for best restoration. (Evidence required such as photographs.) Previous winners of the Ray Kelly award cannot re-enter the same radio in above category.

• President’s Award. (Open to all radios)

• Breadboard or Coffin Radios. (Valve) Can have solid state valve replacement.

• Mantel Radios. (Valve)

• Table radios both sitting on or built into a table. Can include a table radiogram.

• Console Radios. (Valve)

• Portable Radios. (Valve)

• Transistor Radios. (Open)

• My Oldest Radio – display and competition. Documentation required.

• Communications and Military Radios. (Valve or Solid state.)

• Valve construction project. A home-made valve radio, tuner, or amplifier.

• Best Display

• The most Creative Display.

Both the display sections don't require an entry, as all displays and sellers tables will be considered.

Prizes will include some trophies worth more than $100 each.

To Enter the Awards

John Mackintosh is accepting entries for the Awards. Click on the email logo to send an email to John.

Please include the following information:
Name, Member No., Section Entered, Description, Your Contact Details - email and mobile.

We may be able to accept entries right up till the judging, however pre-registering ensures we don't miss your entry

You can enter any radio, including one that was in a competition before, except if the radio won the Ray Kelly "best in show" Award previously

Entry is free and you can enter more than one section.

Document and illustrate your entry (optional unless indicated above)
Where possible include before/after and detail photos plus text as that may help your entry. If you supplied photos for the recent construction competition, please contact Kevin Poulter if you want those supplied to you, so you don't have to reprint everything.

New Sections
Awards for the Best Display and The most Creative Display.
Both the display sections don't require an entry, as all displays and sellers tables will be considered.

Book your entry with John by clicking on the email button


The workshops are held on the top floor on Sat 8th, between 2pm till 5pm. There are stairs and a lift to this area.

Please note this schedule may be altered - still the same overall times, but the presenter may be moved around.

Graham Parslow is in charge of Workshops, so please email Graham if you have any queries...

• A cafe will operate on the ground floor on Saturday and Sunday. Demand for sandwiches may exceed supply, so please buy early.
• There are many food outlets opposite and we will supply a list soon, including on one we tested.
• We will supply bottles of water and nibbles on the Friday.

Labels - Look but don't touch

• We are looking into "Admire but don't touch" signs and one version has room for one-line descriptions, like

Astor GS 1952

You may consider making labels describing your radios, as visitors will find them interesting.

Table sizes are: 1800mm x 750mm

Security and First Aid

• There will be a security team in fluro yellow vests

• Moorabbin Police Station is two minutes away

• You are all deputised to watch everyone's gear and if there is someone you know well, offer to look after their stand for a while, to give them a break.

• Radios and displays can only be handled with the stall-holder's permission

First aid - contact our crew in yellow or orange vests, or
if serious, try to contact Stan Snyders, head of security, as he is trained.

The venue has a First Aid Kit and Defibrillator

Hall photos

Facilities nearby

• Medical One is open 8am to 8pm weekdays, 9am to 6pm on weekends

• Chemist Warehouse

• Many takeaway and restaurants opposite the hall

• A Chemist

• A Commonwealth Bank ATM is opposite, near the phone box and letterbox.


We have arranged some great publicity.

• The RACV Royalauto magazine, April issue, page 83. This is read by one million people.

• The Seniors Newspaper ran 1/4 page

• Silicon Chip had three pages

• Last night I received a phone call from WA and our Seniors Newspaper article had been read out on the national Radio network by Vision Australia.

• The Mornington News this week

• Eastern FM

• Rad School Newsletter

More coming

Click HERE for the Radschool newsletter.

A clipping of the RAAF Radschool page is below.
The text was aimed at Military Radio enthusiasts

April 3rd, 2017

Much more follows - watch for our next newsletter


Web page by Kevin Poulter, IMAGE Australia     Click HERE for IMAGE Australia

All information is as accurate as possible, however members and visitors should check before fully relying on it, especially as some information is from 3rd parties.