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Making your objection is
as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Research - takes 2 min - or longer if you wish (link at bottom of this page)

◆ the single map that says a lot!
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More developer's info at the bottom of this page


52 objection points to help you pick those that mean most to you

◆ Please use your own words.
◆ The list can be printed out
◆ The first list is in Word, to enable copying the points.
◆ Shuffle them around a bit and add your own experience, however include ALL of them please, as numbers are important

Click HERE for 52 objection reasons in Word Doc

◆ Update: Submissions from multiple members of a family using the one email, are allowed


Make your objection

◆ Please use your own words. If your submission is identical with others, it will be only counted as one.

◆ Indicate you want to speak, where the form asks if you do.

◆ Or if you don't want to speak at the hearing, please nominate Kevin Poulter on the form where it asks.

We have asked for clarification of lot sizes, as the only thing clear is they are tiny

Bendigo Bank
Account Save Kingswood Group
BSB 633-000
Account 151060548

(if 633-000 does not work, please use 633000)

A2 size signs for your lawn or front fence (stake provided for the lawn display). Donation $25. To order, please email your address and phone to Kevin

Our information

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The developers
◆ Click on the links below for the Developer's hundreds of pages - a $225 BILLION dollar company trying to ruin our Village!
Click HERE for DELWP and developer stuff
Then click REFERRALS to see the Developer's plans

Click HERE for the developers website

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