Save Kingswood Golf Course from Destruction
Say NO to Rezoning Say NO to Subdivision Say NO to Residential Over-Development.

By now every Dingley Village resident should be aware of the looming disaster regarding the sale, rezoning and over development of the Kingswood Golf Course, Dingley's Central Park.

We believe Kingswood Central Park should remain public or private open space and not destroyed and built out.

You can register your objection to the rezoning and over-development of the land by printing the objection form ...


Then :-

1) Post or Hand Deliver your Objection/Submission to :-

a) Michael Benjamin and Associates at 117 Centre Dandenong Road (next to the Dingley Primary)

b) The Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre (DVNC) 31B Marcus Rd, Dingley Village.


2) Print the form using the button above, then scan your completed and signed objection submission and email it to the Save Kingswood Group,
Click HERE for email


(a) You can send objection forms direct to council, however we prefer delivery methods as above. This enables us to keep track of the number of objections.

(b) Please note the "Exhibition period" is not a display, rather residents can visit
- Council offices
- our Library or
- on-line
to view the application documents.

(c) The developer has elected to apply for re-zoning and development in the one application.

(d) It's not known if the developers will display their plans during the exhibition period.

Save Kingswood Group Inc.

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