Save Kingswood Golf Course

The Central Park in Dingley Village

Save Kingswood Golf Course from Destruction
Say NO to Rezoning,
Say NO to Subdivision,
Say NO to Residential Over-Development    


They had seven months to decide on the future of Kingswood.

Are they withholding until after the election because its bad news?

Vote wisely for a candidate who will try hardest to stop overdevelopment!

From the Star News, Nov 22nd 2022

They had seven months to decide on the future of Kingswood.

Are they withholding until after the election because its bad news?

Vote wisely for a candidate who will try hardest to stop overdevelopment!


It is insane and undemocratic to have council spend nearly a year intensely examining plans, rejecting them all, then a SINGLE MINISTER overrides Council and 8,000 objections

AustralianSuper had no right to purchase the Golf Course Park without negotiating with council or residents prior, regarding suitable uses.
In fact they frankly admitted they intentionally AVOIDED talking to residents - even though its the most fundamental requirement put forward by the Planning Minister.

AustralianSuper have splurged about one million dollars of member's money on plans, Lawyers, QCs, Spin doctors and Advertising.
Members should tell them to do the right thing!

Ian Silk, CEO at the time of acquiring Kingswood, said to a large gathering of Super companies:
“Superannuation funds failing to consider environmental, social and corporate governance risks when investing their members' retirement savings are in breach of their duties and therefore the law” (The AGE May 8th, 2019)

Rosemary West said:
Kingswood (adjacent to the Green Wedge) is another hot Clarinda electorate issue, with a Golf Course Redevelopment Strategic Advisory Committee report pending since last December’s hearing. The Golf Course Redevelopment SAC was appointed to hear Australian Super’s application for over 800 houses in a three storey development after Council voted to refuse it.
Rosemary West and Kevin Poulter both expect a scaled down development will be approved.

How appalling!

8,000 objections and three plans rejected by Kingston council,
yet the decision will be made by just ONE person!

What happened to consulting residents and democracy ?!!

“In 2018, Planning Minister Richard Wynne issued a statement to A Current Affair which included...

"I always encourage councils to make decisions in line with the expectations of their local communities – planning outcomes are always better when the voice of the community is heard."

If you have an investment in AustralianSuper, we don't recommend you withdraw, as they are so huge, they will not notice.

However we suggest you write to them and ask them to stop destroying the environment and trees on Kingswood and they should remember their ESG claims.
(ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities.)

Recent CEO of AustralianSuper, Ian Silk lectured a large group of Superannuation funds, saying:

“Superannuation funds failing to consider environmental, social and corporate governance risks when investing their members' retirement savings are in breach of their duties and therefore the law” (The AGE May 8th, 2019)

AustralianSuper boss Ian Silk said they "will ... vow a greater focus on environmental, social and governance issues"

Other issues for Dingley Village include 200, three storey units planned by Government to be imposed near the shops!
AND VCAT allowed more trees to be cut down!

Kevin Poulter, Save Kingswood Group inc.


Objections include

🔺No Net benefit for Dingley Village
🔺A twenty percent increase in our Village population
🔺Not in Village Character. Dingley Village currently is overwhelmingly one or two storey individual homes, an estimated 80% of large family lots being 550 - 650sq metres. The developer wants 823 lots, with many less than 300 sq metres.
🔺No Community facilities like sporting ovals.
🔺Gross under-provision of parking for residents, coupled with anticipated narrow streets. They have even applied to reduce their parking obligations! So each tiny apartment will have up to four cars in tiny streets and nature-strips. (Parking on Nature strips in Dingley Village is a $120 fine.)
No consideration of Amenity.
🔺The Kingswood Board, nor the developer have ever consulted residents in a manner that resulted in our ideas being properly adopted. Despite Simon Brookhouse - the Chief Executive Officer of Golf Victoria publishing guidelines for Golf Club mergers, stating that clubs should engage residents first.
Displays, invitations to comment and surveys by the developer have always been “this is what’s happening - like it or not”. They then use any resident’s feedback against us. Not one of the resident’s comments have been adopted in a satisfactory manner. The DVCA and Save Kingswood have not heard from the Developer for years.
🔺The developer has multiple responses on their website, belittling the value of wildlife and the park in general, in direct response to our objections (see examples further on)
🔺No preservation of the thousands of trees, estimated at 20,000 native Dingley Village trees, as that’s the number of indigenous trees planted.
🔺One of their plans showed a single tree preserved.
🔺Loss of the only significant treed open space in Dingley Village.
🔺The “lungs” cooling, filter and oxygen production for Dingley Village. As advocated by all councils.
🔺Unimaginable thousands of Birds and wildlife lost. How many will be killed or have their homes demolished by developers? The developers will be required to re-locate wildlife. They absolutely will not do that properly and is a hideous imposition for the wildlife currently living in comparative peace. How many thousands will they miss?
🔺Increased traffic - their own data suggests up to 6800 vehicle movements per day and 680 vehicle movements per peak hour, on a single lane road, plus soon (a) the Hawthorn Football Club traffic and (b) the Aqua Park traffic.
🔺Up to one hour to travel through Dingley Village when traffic increases - proven, as it’s already happened multiple times!
🔺Not enough Maternal Health places - waiting lists
🔺Child Care waiting lists
🔺Kinders already full
🔺Primary Schools full - portables installed on Dingley Primary preps front lawn playing area. In a recent year, Kingswood Primary turned away 75 applications.
🔺NO Secondary Schools - those in other distant towns full - portables installed and Parkdale Secondary has said “enough! we cannot have more portables”.
🔺Loss of an aircraft safety and noise buffer for thousands of circuits, take-offs and landings, including passenger Jets and Helicopters. Moorabbin Airport is just seconds flight time away and is one of Australia’s busiest Airports. The Golf Course is also the flight path and health plus noise issues are of concern. They already exceed limits
🔺Health services overloaded now, regularly wait up to 2-3 weeks for the Doctor of your choice.
🔺Lack of sporting facilities now, before 2,200+ extra residents
🔺The developer had the incredible audacity to show the flood lakes (retarding basins) plus overflow areas in their open space! Those flood areas will not be owned by them.
Dingley Village already floods, before they cover over the Golf Course and Aquifer. Melbourne water has almost no idea of flood incidents, that still occur after they tried to clear 1.4 kilometres of the main drain for a month! The existing Retarding Basin already overflows and mainly soaks into the Golf Course. They want to cover the site with paving, roads and buildings and fantasise that a new retarding basin will hold back the tsunami of waters from upstream Springvale and remain on the site.
🔺A homeowner close to the golf course park has been flooded for years.
🔺Shopping more difficult - the carpark is already regularly full, often twice a day - will residents again shop out of town to avoid the chaos?
🔺No developer will provide the $20 - $40 million needed to address the essential needs of Dingley Village.
🔺The Community Centre overloaded - already needs more space, not provided by the current re-modelling.
🔺A 20 percent increase in Village population - new town in the centre of town. Overloading a Village that is up to an hour away in peak traffic from Cheltenham railway station and the genuine Activity Centre.
🔺Years of Chaos, noise and Dust - a strain on medical facilities for asthma and other lung complaints. Proven in a nearby destruction!
🔺We are already meeting the State Government’s burden of over-population and providing enough housing.
🔺Expect more buses in your area, even though many run nearly empty now. Plus an attempt to re-introduce Bus Lanes on Centre Dandenong road, which was previously voted against by 96% of Dingley Village residents in two polls, including a Council poll. Bus lanes would create some of the narrowest road lanes in Melbourne, as Centre Dandenong road is a single lane
🔺NBN and other services clogged, so everyone endures a much slower connection than copper - proven in other areas.
🔺Sewer overloaded?
🔺Electricity huge demands will put stress on power, with potentially lower voltage and longer power outages
🔺Reduced mains water pressure
🔺We object to a massive roundabout at the intersection of Spring road/McClure roads, plus a second road into Spring road (near where it floods), and roads into Wolbers road and Toorak roads. Both the latter quiet back roads that will become “rat races” / speedways.
🔺We object to the main “speedway” between Spring road and Centre Dandenong roads.
🔺They want to move out the mobile phone tower on Kingswood, so will phone reception be terrible again?
🔺Expect scorched earth of biblical proportions, killing or displacing thousands of wildlife and nearly every tree tree destroyed. One plan showed 19 trees preserved, another showed just one tree preserved.
🔺Where will the snakes and blue-tongue lizards go? Yes! Into some of the 140 backyards, through the open weave cyclone fence. Both Species are protected.
🔺How many Birds, Echidnas and other wildlife will have their habitat destroyed? How many will be killed by greedy developers?
🔺No consideration for the 140 neighbours on the boundary. They were told when purchasing in a premium area that they had “views forever”. Instead they will have years of dust, plus overshadowing, loss of privacy and noise forever.
🔺Do residents know that loss of home values or views are not acceptable objections? But the 140 boundary residents and the close neighbours will lose thousands of dollars in their home value. The developer had the gall to say home values in Dingley Village would go up!! The home value losses to the nearby community could easily exceed $40 million. It’s reasonable to expect homes on the boundary would each lose at least $100,000 each - and their views.
🔺Little consideration for infrastructure
🔺No consideration for current services needs, nor those they will impose.

They will BUILD AND BOLT, fleecing Dingley Village, leaving misery and existing homes under threat and quickly forget us.

We repeat:
No Net benefit for Dingley Village

Instead of trimming branches that are dangerously overhanging resident's boundaries and public areas like footpaths, the owners are regularly applying to remove trees on the Golf Course. Nobody is under threat from the Golf Course trees, so they are obviously part of the plan to demolish as many as possible, before applying for 823 dwellings.

Don’t be Deceived!

“Love Dingley Village” Campaign by
Australian Super’s PR contractors!
Australian Super and their contractors are asking Dingley Village residents what they want to see on Kingswood.

The sole reason is their next development application for hundreds of units will look better and tick one of the decision-maker’s boxes, if they claim to have “Consulted Residents”.

Their development Application version two is expected to mislead by claiming to have the answer to many of Melbourne’s housing and social problems - much to Dingley Village’s detriment.

Australian Super will still profit from hundreds of units - and we will have the overwhelming problems that brings.

See the white area below for the reasons why Council received
8,000 objections from Dingley Village Residents

If you reply to “What do you want to see on Kingswood?” We suggest:


Or your choice of non-intrusive and improvement to Dingley Village amenity, like



The Planning department is introducing a Standing Advisory Committee to review potential Golf Course redevelopments.

We see this as a weakening of the Council's role in local decision-making, however we can continue to object.

Kingswood already has a recreational - Golf use Zoning.

You can have your say when Kingswood comes before the committee.

Then later object to the Minister on any proposed redevelopment.

The State Government has prepared draft Planning Guidelines for Golf Course Redevelopment, which include a decision-making framework to assess future golf course redevelopment proposals in the Melbourne urban area.

In August 2019 a 5-member Golf Course Redevelopment Standing Advisory Committee was appointed to review and implement these guidelines. Opportunity for public comment on the draft guidelines was given during September.

The Committee has also been appointed to advise the Minister for Planning on golf course redevelopment proposals requiring land rezoning. The draft guidelines propose the following key questions be used to assess a golf course redevelopment:

1/ Is there strategic merit in the proposal ?
2/ Are there particular site values or constraints ?
3/ Does the proposal deliver net community benefits ?

These guidelines and the appointment of this Committee impacts directly on Kingswood Golf Course and Dingley Village, as any future residential redevelopment proposals made to rezone Kingswood Golf Course from Special Use Golf Course could be referred to this Committee by the Minister for Planning for assessment.

In October 2019 the Committee will finalise the guidelines and present them to the Minister for Planning for approval.
Then the Committee will begin taking referrals of redevelopment proposals and will include opportunities for parties (including residents) to comment on the particular proposal under consideration.
The first proposal to be considered by this Committee is likely to be Kingswood Golf Course. Save Kingswood Golf Course Inc Secretary Kevin Poulter said he hoped the Committee and Planning Minister would take into account the massive number 8000+ objections received when Kingston Council voted unanimously against rezoning the Kingswood Golf Course for housing last year.

“Kingswood is the lungs and wildlife of Dingley Village and we have gone to considerable effort to ensure it would never be residential.”

Kevin Poulter added: “The Planning Minister said - he has always encouraged councils to make decisions in line with the expectations of their local community - I hope he can live up to his word.”

Also on January 16th 2018 Jane Homewood, Executive Director, Statutory Planning Services said:

“The Minister has not received any further proposal to rezone Kingswood Golf Course. Any such request would require a high degree of justification of the planning merits of the rezoning and address the Ministerial intervention requirements of section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987”

More on the advisory committee HERE

Note the draft Planning Decision Framework

Step 1: Golf course land development proposals will be required to follow the relevant planning processes,

and applications that involve rezoning may require ratification by both Houses of Parliament.

- Step 2: Golf course land development proposals will be required to respond to the planning decision framework for golf course land development proposals.

- Step 3: Future golf course land development proposals will be required to provide a net community benefit and high level of sustainability.

We thank
• Clare O'Neil MP
• Mark Dreyfus MP
• Martin Pakula MP
• Inga Peulich MLC
• Darrel Taylor, Candidate
• Nina Springle, MP
For their support and making their views known.

Even the Planning Minister Wynne said recently "planning outcomes were better when the voice of the community is heard”.

Objection period has closed

Click on the links below for more
CLICK HERE for the latest on the Leader cover

Click HERE for The Greens Nina Springle objection

The Leader Sept. 5, 2018

Text from above article:

Thousands fight estate
Mass fight to halt 760-house development at golf course
Lucy Callander

ABOUT 7000 people have lodged an objection to plans for 760 houses on a former golf course — the most Kingston Council has ever received on a single issue.

The Save Kingswood Group, which has been fighting plans for the rezoning and redevelopment of the Dingley Village site for years, said they had already delivered 6000 objections to the council and estimated another 500 had been lodged independently.

“By cut off we would have had 7,000 objections,” the group’s secretary Kevin Poulter said.

Mr Poulter said it was “most likely the most objections for a development of this type in Victoria’s history."

Kingston’s Planning and Development General Manager Jonathan Guttmann confirmed that late last week more than 6500 submissions had been lodged about the proposal, a record number for a single issue.

Save Kingswood stepped up its long running campaign about six weeks ago with members running stalls at supermarkets and the Dingley Village Farmers Market.

Businesses and residents have also been posting “say no” signs around the suburb and a recent Save Kingswood meeting attracted more than 400 people.

Property fund giant ISPT bought the 53.4ha site in 2014 for $125 million and developer ASRP1 wants to build a minimum of 760 dwellings on the site.

Save Kingswood had raised concerns about a lack of schools, roads and sporting facilities, and the fact that the site was flood prone.

Mr Poulter said the group wanted the State Government to buy the land and keep it as open space incorporating a wildlife sanctuary and playing fields.

Keysborough State Labor MP Martin Pakula,
Liberal candidate for Keysborough Darrel Taylor,
Hotham MP Clare O’Neil,
Isaacs Federal MP Mark Dreyfus,
Liberal Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region Peulich MLC,
and Greens Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region Nina Springle,
have all publicly expressed concern about the plans.

The project spokeswoman Anna Martiniello told the Leader their proposal was “very detailed and meets all the performance requirements sought by council officers”.

“The proposal as presented will unlock previously private recreational and living space in the heart of Dingley Village, Ms Martiniello said."

It is likely an independent planning panel will hear submissions and make recommendations to Kingston Council.

Regardless of that outcome, Planning Minister Richard Wynne has the final say.

Hundreds have signed an online petition and objection against the residential redevelopment of Kingswood Golf Course.

This ghetto plan is without precedent. Thereʼs nothing like it in a unique village like ours, and there is no net benefit for Dingley Village.

Thereʼs a long list of disadvantages. (see below). There are almost no two-storey units in Dingley Village and they want to build hundreds of three-storey highest density units.

Up to 1000 tiny units is so out of character, they would destroy an entire village and affect nearly 10,000 residents’ quality of life.

A 20 percent increase in population is not possible without overloaded services, like schools, kinders, traffic and much more.

There is ZERO Net Community Benefit for Dingley Village.

Lodge your objection using our form
Please either send completed forms to the drop-off points listed, or via email to us.

Click on the trees for a form

ITS CRUNCH TIME FOLKS - Public exhibition is announced!

The Exhibition is for 6 weeks from July 19th.

Come to the Village Meeting, 7pm August 14th at Southern Golf Course, Lower Dandenong road.

Take Action NOW to Save Kingswood Golf Course From Destruction

Click HERE for the latest

The exhibition period will formally commence this Thursday 19 July, and will finish at the close of business on 30 August.
The “exhibition” is not a big display like the one held in the Dingley International Hotel, rather just access to their plans.

People who lodge submissions during the exhibition period, become ‘submitters’ that are required to be formally notified of further proceedings – including a potential Planning Panel process. Only people who are ‘submitters’ are able to be a party to a Panel process. People who have not made a submission can still be an observer at a Panel hearing.

In addition to keeping a list of formal submitters, Council also has a register of interested parties. This register is a list of people that have asked to be kept updated on the project and that Council send emails to from time to time.

Unfortunately some residents lodged their objection directly with Council before the July 19 Exhibition, instead of sending them to one of the addresses nominated by Save Kingswood.
So Council sent letters to all of these people to let them know that they will need to re-lodge once exhibition has started in order for their submissions to be formally considered.

And for all the people that lodged an early submission that also supplied an email address, they have been added to Council's register of interested parties. Council will be sending an email to all of the people on the register later this week to let them know exhibition has started.

In addition to the email, letters will be sent via Australia Post to all residents and property owners in Dingley Village to let them know that exhibition has commenced.

Ads have been placed in
• local Leader newspapers,
• a notice will appear in the Government Gazette and
• Council will be using our social media channels to let people know.
• The proponent (developer) will also be placing signs on the site.

Hard copies of the exhibited material will be available to view at
• Council's Cheltenham office, and
• the Dingley Library.
• People will also be able to view the exhibited material online at the following locations:

• Online at or
• or
online at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website

Many delivery choices for the objection forms are below,
however we prefer 1, 2, 3, or 4, as we can keep track of the number of objections…

People can make a submission by doing any of the following; Post or Hand Deliver the signed objection submission forms to:

(1) Michael Benjamin and Associates at 117 Centre Dandenong Road (next to the Dingley Primary) or
(2) The Dingley Village Neighbourhood Centre (DVNC) 31B Marcus Rd, Dingley Village.
(3) Scan your signed form(s) then email to the Save Kingswood Group at
(4) See us at the Dingley Village Farmers Market on July 21st or or August 18th and deliver your form(s) or sign a form on the spot.
(5) Online at
(6) Emailing council at
(7) Posting a copy to City of Kingston, Strategic Planning Dept. PO Box 1000, Mentone 3194

Some people may wish to collect together bundles of submissions and lodge them by hand – you can do that at Council's Cheltenham office. Council will have a submission template available on their website if people wish to use it, however a written submission can be made in any format, as long as you provide your contact details, amendment name, and an outline of what you support or don’t support about the proposal.

The above website links will not be live until exhibition commences, so please don't lodge or email anything until Thursday 19 July.

There is ZERO Net Community Benefit for Dingley Village.

You Must Act NOW. You must voice your opinion NOW. You cannot wait until the bulldozers move in.

Based on 2016 Census comparisons we calculate that household and population density on the proposed site will be more than double that of Dingley Village today, massively changing the character of our Village. Council tells us that the site will generate another 6,800 vehicle movements a day with 680 per peak hour. How could that possibly work? Centre Dandenong Road, Howard Rd. and Tootal Rd. are already choked over both extended peak times and Hawthorn Football Club is bringing more traffic.

An actual photograph of Centre Dandenong road when traffic was disrupted nearby. Future shock!
When asked how long a motorist had taken to go through Dingley Village, he replied "one hour"!!
Centre Dandenong road is only a single lane each way, despite traffic trying to make two lanes where possible.
When Vic Roads tried to make Centre Dandenong road have Bus Lanes, two surveys - one by council - resulted in a 94 percent resounding NO!
The developer had the audacity to title our road an Arterial.

There is ZERO Net Community Benefit for Dingley Village.

What’s Our Aim ?
Our aim is to put a stop to this disastrous proposal and, in agreement with Kingston Council’s Golf Course policy request the site remains as public or private open space for recreational use.

Thank you again for your support to date. Lets make this an all out effort NOW so that when the exhibition period expires your voices will evidence a massive NO vote from Dingley Village.

June 2018

The current status of our campaign

• The Golf Course cannot be built on without a rezoning, however the purchaser has grouped in a request for subdivision approval as well.

• Kingston Council will put the application and plans on display on July 19th 2018 for six weeks.

• "Display" does not mean Council will have another public meeting with maps and data, rather residents can view the plans at Council offices, the Library or on the web.

• Expect untold reams of text and plans. We will dissect them and find the more shocking information and items of greatest interest to residents and let you know. Of course we welcome feedback from residents who find unacceptable points too.

• We do not expect the developers to do a display, as they took a battering of objections at the last display
We will have a Village meeting - watch for our announcement!

• At the Council-run display held at the Dingley International, the Developer's Project Manager assured us their plans were on their website (or would be within days) and therefore "no need to take photos".
This turned out to be yet another "porkie" and nothing was added to their fuzzy illegible plans on their website.
Our subsequent request for their plans and drawings resulted in a long rambling reply, that so easily could have been one word - NO!

• Did you know that as soon as the current or future owners want to, (i.e. even right now) they can chainsaw more than 19,000 trees that do not meet the 1.1 metre circumference near their base?
Council has no plans to do anything about that!

• Ask politicians and the Planning Minister Richard Wynne to not delay a decision till after the election, as they are far more likely to listen to the voice of the people before an election, when OUR votes matter.

Is the process fair? Of course not!
• The developer had years to prepare their plans, produced by experts in bulldozing over residents and councils, which most likely cost half a million dollars or much more,
• Then at last minute we have 4-6 weeks to counter their hugely over-the-top descriptions, plans and illustrations.
• Council apparently did not publicly announce "businesses will receive a survey with an addressed envelope", however
• We are told residents will not receive a survey!
Lodge your objection using our form

Save Kingswood Golf Course from Destruction

Say NO to Rezoning, Say NO to Subdivision, Say NO to Residential Over-Development.

By now every Dingley Village resident should be aware of the looming disaster regarding the sale, rezoning and over development of the Kingswood Golf Course, Dingley's Central Park.

We agree with Kingston Council's policy of preserving Golf Courses for recreational use and that Kingswood Central Park should remain public or private open space and not destroyed and built out.

You can register your objection to the rezoning and over-development of the land by printing the objection form. Click on the image opposite.

Were you one of the 200+ residents who already sent your objection to Council?

If you did, unfortunately they cannot accept it until July 19th, so please fill in another one and send it to us, as above.
Click on the image below

Click on the photo above for the objection form

The Kingswood Golf Course Park is not zoned residential.

Our consulting Architect said:
"A reckless purchase by a developer should not be a burden on the entire Village."

All State and Federal Politicians responsible for our area support Dingley Village in their objection to rezoning.
Mark Dreyfus statement on the Kingswood Golf Course ...

Dingley Village is a fantastic community, but it has limited public transport options and the proposed development of Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club would clearly create significant road congestion and change the village feel of the community.

I’ve met with members of the Save Kingswood group and spoken to many Dingley Village residents about this matter. It is clear to me that this proposed development is not right for Dingley Village and the planning scheme amendment application should be rejected.

Developers should not assume that when they buy special use-zoned land it will be re-zoned as a formality. That is not how planning should work.

This is a fight that can be won. I have made a submission to council opposing this proposed planning scheme amendment and I encourage Dingley Village residents to do the same.

The community feel of Dingley Village matters. This development should be rejected and the land retained for open space for generations to come.

Click HERE for his full statement

Clare O'Neil said ...
"Dingley Village is a wonderful community, and its residents are proud, passionate and protective of their town.

As the Federal Member for this area, I took part in this conversation and I heard from residents about their concerns about this project. Residents are rightly concerned about a one-third increase to the local population, children being turned away from full kindergartens and primary schools, and increased traffic on local roads.

I will continue to work closely with this community, local State Member Martin Pakula and the City of Kingston council to ensure that we get an outcome that reflects the interests of this terrific community."

Click HERE for Clare's video outside the Golf Course

Click HERE for Clare's video report after a Village meeting

Martin Pakula said ...

"This is the single big issue for Dingley Village."
Victorian Attorney-General and member for Keysborough Martin Pakula said the Dingley community “have raised legitimate concerns over the future of the Kingswood golf course site”.

“I understand its [the golf course’s] significance, not only environmentally but as the heart of Dingley that has been enjoyed by local families for generations.”

The Kingswood Golf Club controversially merged with Frankston’s Peninsula Golf Club in 2013 leading to the sale of the 53-hectare Dingley Village golf course.

ISPT paid $125 million, well over the $80 million market value, for the land. The fund manager has a history of buying land for property development.

I will be calling on Kingston Council to run a thorough consultation process that takes the community’s concerns seriously,” Mr Pakula said.

From Inga Peulich in Hansard ...
in relation to the merger — many in the Dingley Village area would call it a takeover — of the Kingswood Golf Club by the Peninsula Country Golf Club. We all know the sand belt is an area rich in golf clubs, and there are many such clubs around the state. I think the precedent that has emerged from this takeover has potential to cause a substantial loss of open space across Victoria and in particular across the area that I represent.

I ask the minister to review the matter and to investigate what action can be taken in order to send a very loud message to other clubs that they cannot pillage and hijack land for the purposes of making a profit by manipulating or disregarding the rules and engaging in these hostile tactics of takeovers of valuable open space at our clubs.

Nina Springle MP
Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for South Eastern Metropolitan Region
Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens

Tuesday 13 August 2018

Having grown up in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and with family living locally in Dingley Village, I have been a regular visitor to the suburb my entire life.

It is indisputable that Dingley Village has a character that is unique and a sense of community that has been developed by its
residents over many decades. This sense of community is under attack by the proposed inappropriate development of the Kingswood Golf Course.

Many residents of Dingley Village feel rightly aggrieved by the way in which the merger of the golf club transpired.

The proposed high-density development is a further blow to the community. As it stands, the golf club is a precious piece of green space. To develop this open space into hundreds of units is harmful to our environment and community amenity. To do so without adequate provision for new infrastructure - particularly public transport - is reckless and fails to respect the current citizens of the area.

Once green space is lost, it never comes back.

Kingston Council would be doing its residents a disservice by approving of this development.

Darrel Taylor ...
As the Liberal Candidate for Keysborough which, covers Dingley Village, I believe the proposal for an 800 plus housing development on the pristine Kingswood Golf Course land should be rejected.

Further, I believe that the golf course should be rezoned to Green Wedge to protect this pristine parcel of land, teaming with native wildlife for future generations.

If more housing is required in the area, there are options for less pristine and environmentally sensitive land to sustain lower density housing – perhaps rural living options to preserve the village and rural character of the area but also accommodate growth.

The current proposal does not respect Neighbourhood Character , would generate huge increases in local traffic and place greater pressure on local infrastructure.
But most importantly, once this valuable environmental asset has been lost, it will be lost forever.

I stand with the residents of Dingley in rejecting this proposal and encourage all residents to have their say to protect the unique village character of the area.

Click HERE to object to the removal of 21 more trees

What trees?

Just 30 left?

Chainsaw over 19,000 trees?

The developer's statements are rubbery.

At one of their displays their contractor admitted to a number of concerned residents, that just 30 native heritage trees would be saved!
The developers are delighted that council only classifies flora as a tree if it is 1.1 metres in circumference near its base!

So expect scorched earth, years of dust, unbearable machinery noise, scared snakes and other wildlife in backyards, thousands of birds displaced or killed!

The developer and council do not recognise thousands of native trees like above as a tree, despite being over two storeys high!

What you can do ...

Click on the objection above and lodge your form with us, then ...
Click on the
Facebook logo and join
our Save Kingswood
Facebook page
    Click on the "C" logo for
our petition -
help us to reach 2,000
signatures and more!


The developer's mad quest is to seal the natural flood plain and build mighty dams to try to avoid the inevitable floods over Dingley Village.

Did the information in the Save Kingswood link below cause the destructors (developers) to change from “all the utilities are OK” to “We will pay $15 million for flood avoidance works” ?

Massive "scorched earth" retarding dams will not avoid flooding! The plans clearly show the area is a natural flood course and they want to seal the 54ha sandy loam soak to the aquifer!

See our photographs for the flooding that occurs BEFORE they seal the area with roads, footpaths and flats.

Click HERE for more on the floods they will cause

As we are giving prior notice, can we sue if their works result in floods?

Click on the Aircraft above for more.
Thousands of Aircraft do circuits over the Golf Course every week. Creating noise and safety hazzards.
Houses shake as helicopters roar overhead, Passenger Jets and all aircraft need a safety zone.

Residents have to turn the volume up on their Televisions at times. On the best days having windows open or having outside activities invites excessive noise.

But nothing is more important than SAFETY.

There is ZERO Net Community Benefit for Dingley Village.
The Kingswood Golf Course is NOT Zoned residential

How many Birds, Animals, Reptiles and other creatures like frogs will be killed or displaced by the destruction of Dingley Village's Kingswood Central Park?

Answer: more than 90 percent!

It appears the developers have grossly underestimated the vast Flora and Fauna affected!

Nearly 20,000 Trees are DOOMED!

They are keeping just 33 trees!
May 18, 2018
Golf course news - Victoria Golf Club

Recently Victoria Golf Club announced that they will be undergoing a Greens Replacement Project, which will see their course closed for the months of August and September.

VGC explored opportunities for their members to play at other courses during this time, with an arrangement being made to provide their members access on the quieter week days at the Kingswood site, as well as a small selection of times on the weekends.

Full details of the arrangement between the two clubs will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Rumour has it:
Kingswood's lease has been extended to April as Peninsula's new building is still not ready

Synopsis of an article in The Herald-Sun, June 25th, 2018

Health Minister Greg Hunt said that urban expansion was putting the environmental zones under pressure.

"A proactive approach is needed to manage these pressures appropriately and to ensure the scenic and natural qualities of these areas are not eroded over time," he said.

Urban expert and RMIT University emeritus professor Michael Buxton lashed out at state government planning changes which he said allowed "three-storey McMansions" to be built

"This is a repeat of the same height strategy in suburban Melbourne that has led to a major surge in large oversized housing taking up all of the housing allotment and dwarfing the neighbours," he said.

"This ultimately sees the disappearance of trees in urban areas and loss neighbourhood environment' and amenity (and) could lead to major urbanisation on the boundaries of the green wedge."

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Fencing you in!
It seems the developer tries to counter all our objections, with a fence to be built around the perimeter soon. Is that due to our fears of snakes and lizards in over 130 backyards?

Can they legally build a fence without 130+ residents on the boundary each signing a fencing notice?

Is the fence going to go half a metre into the ground, to reduce the threat of snakes in backyards?
What will happen to this protected species? Moving them a short distance - as required by law - will result in their return!

Will the developers do the awful deed (fencing) before the outcome of their application?

Click HERE for Snake bite treatment for pets

Snake sign on the Golf Course

‘Fair way’ to go on golf course development
March 14, 2018 Neil Walker, The News

A PLAN to subdivide the Kingswood Golf Course into more than 500 residential lots has moved to the next stage after Kingston Council announced it has now formally contacted the Victorian Planning Minister to exhibit plans for public feedback.

Councillors voted late last year to begin the planning exhibition process (“Golf course development drives on”, The News 27/9/17) and mayor Cr Steve Staikos confirmed last week council has now written to state Labor Planning Minister Richard Wynne.

Council is seeking the Planning Minister’s approval to begin the formal planning scheme amendment process.

“For some time, the Dingley Village community have been keen to see all the details of the proposed development and to have their say on the plans,” Cr Staikos said in a statement.

The mayor said council will “widely advertise” the submission period of six weeks and will send a letter to Dingley Village residents if Mr Wynne approves the exhibition request.

The proposed Planning Scheme Amendment would:

• rezone the site from part Special Use Zone (Golf Courses) and part General Residential Zone to a General Residential Zone to allow for redevelopment of the site for residential purposes
• subdivide the land into 514 lots including six “superlots” and approval for buildings and works on lots of less than 300 square metres
• apply a new Development Plan Overlay to the site to guide the future use and development of the land
• apply a Vegetation Protection Overlay, Environmental Significance Overlay and Significant Landscape Overlay to protect significant vegetation on the site
• apply Environmental Significance Overlays to address any potential impact of groundwater contamination and landfill gas migration
“Council’s planning officers have been working on the application for almost two years to ensure that all required information had been provided by the applicant,” Cr Staikos said.

“Now the community will have the chance to assess the plans and have its say. Following that community feedback period, council is required to vote on whether or not they wish to refer the matter to an independent panel for advice.”

The planning application has been lodged by property fund manager ISPT.

“We’re pleased the process is moving forward,” ISPT spokesperson Anna Martiniello said in September when council first decided to write to the state government seeking permission to exhibit the plan to redevelop Kingswood Golf Course.

Save Kingswood Group secretary Kevin Poulter said nearly 1700 have signed an online petition against the residential redevelopment of Kingswood Golf Course.

“This ghetto plan is without precedent. Thereʼs nothing like it in a unique village like ours, and there is no net benefit for Dingley Village,” Mr Poulter said.

“Just horrendous ruination for no other reason than absolute profiteering. Crime is absolutely bound to increase and thereʼs a long list of disadvantages. There are almost no two-storey units in Dingley Village and they want to build hundreds of three-storey highest density units.

“Up to 1000 tiny units is so out of character, they would destroy an entire village and affect nearly 10,000 residents’ quality of life … nearly 150 homes would suddenly have shadowing and two-storey buildings overlooking their backyards.”

The mayor said there is still a long way to go in the planning process.

First published in the Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – 14 March 2018
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